Vojtěch Procházka
piano, electronics, harmonium / piano, electronics & harmonium
Vojtech Procházka - piano, electronics, harmonium / piano, electronics & harmonium He studied composition at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory, jazz piano at the Higher pecialization School of Jaroslav Ježek and the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris. He obtained a master's degree in jazz and improvised music at the orwegian Music Academy in Oslo. He is a member of the band, Vertigo and with the Indian violinist, Harpreet Bansal, plays in the Bansal Trio and Bansal Band. He composes film music Award for Best Film Music at the Festival in Padua 2012 for the music of the Josef Tuka film Small Circle of Attention) and actively improvises with silent film projections. He also works on improvisation projects with the multi-instrumentalist, Georgi Bagdasarov or singer Agnes Hvizdalek. Among others he works with the ensembles, Krekso, FSKC Drancy and the Prague Improvising Orchestra. His main instruments are piano, synthesizers, harmonium and electronics.
Marcel Bárta
tenor, alt, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet / tenor, soprano & alto saxophones & clarinet
He studied classical music with a specialization in clarinet at the Plzeň Music Conservatory. During his studies he became more oriented towards the alto saxophone, jazz and improvised music. He is a founding member of Vertigo, the DoMa Ensemble and the band, MUFF. He plays in the formations, the Zuzana Dumková Band, the Tomáš Hobzek Quartet, the Bucinatores Orchestra, the Pigeon Saxophone Quartet, Points Septet and the Concept Art Orchestra. He performs with the musical improvisation groups, Strato cluster and mprovising (Ob)session. During the improvisation performances of DoMa Ensemble he cooperates with the poet, David Růžička and others. He is engaged intensively in composition, which he also teaches at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory. He is devoted to scenic music as a member of Theatre Farm in the Cave (Farma v jeskyni) or as a part of the erformance, Nude Ants with the dancers, Irin Andreev and Andre Jolles. He is also active as a graphic artist.
Dorota Barová
violoncello, vocal / violoncello & vocal
The career of the singing cellist began shortly after her studies at the Ostrava Conservatory. She currently performs with Vertigo, Tara Fuki, Aneta Langerová, the Kuzmich rchestra, the DoMa Ensemble, and Tellemarkk. She has been active in the musical ensembles the Jiři Hradil Chorchestr, Asyl Akt Jiřího Starého and the Lippany of Tomáš Maňas. She has composed and interpreted music for the French Theater of the FF MU in Brno. She has been the dramaturge in Brno´s jazz café, PodObrazy and cooperated with the Brno theater, Neslyším. For the theatrical performance, Dům Hluchého, she was awarded the third prize of Thalia in the 2003 theatre season. In 2006 she composed and recorded the music for the film, Marta´s from the director Marta Nováková. She is a multiple winner of the Golden Angel Award.
Rastislav Uhrík
double bass, bass / acoustic & electric bass
He graduated from the Jaroslav Ježek Specialized High School in Prague, the Jazz Academy in Katowice, and gained a master's degree from the jazz department of the Prague HAMU. Currently he is a member of the bands Vertigo, Lanugo, Jana Kirschner, Matěj Benko Quintet, Xavier Baumaxa, the Jazzpunk trio, Sarah and the Adams, the Yvonne Sanchez Band, the Alotrio band, the Jiří Šimek trio and Ondřej Ruml. He has collaborated with a number of personalities in the Czech and foreign music scene, for example, Najponk, David Dorůžka, Ingrid Jensen (CAN), Rich Perry (USA) and Petr Zelenka. In 2003, as a member of the Daniel Šoltis Trio, he received the "Best Jazz Group of the Year 2003" at the the Junior Jazz Competition and as a member of the Beáta Hlavenková Trio won the same award also in 2005. Among others, he has recorded albums for Katarína Knechtová and Katarína Koščová.
Daniel Šoltis
drums, percussion / drums & percussion
He studied at the Conservatory in Košice, the Jaroslav Ježek Specialized High School in Prague and graduated from the jazz department of the Music Academy in Katowice. He is one of the founding members of Vertigo. He is a member of the MaBaSo trio (SK/PL) and of the revived minus123minut formation. He has also been involved in projects of musicians such as Polish Kuba Badach, Grzegorz Nagórski, GrzechPiotrowski and also David Dorůžka (CZ), Jaromír Honzák (CZ), Yvonne Sanchez (CZ / PL), Arturo Sandoval (USA), Ed Partyka (USA), Steve Walsh (USA), Brian Charette (USA), Will Bernard (USA), Ivan Tásler (SK), Katarína Knechtová (SK), Richard Müller (SK), Peter Lipa (SK) and many others. In the competition, Junior Jazz, he won the Best Jazz Group of the Year 2003 with the Daniel Šoltis Trio and "Soloist of the Year 2004". In 2009 he received the prestigious Polish Prize "Grand Prix" at the jazz festival, Jazz on the Odra in Wroclaw.
Oskar Török
trumpet, vocal / trumpet & vocal
He studied at the Conservatoire in Bratislava and Košice, the Jaroslav Ježek Specialized High School in Prague and graduated from the jazz department of the Music Academy in Katowice. He is a member of the Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet (PL), the Points-Rataj Quintet, Sato-San To, Iva Bittová and Čikori, Points Septet and Oskar Maurice. Occasionally he also performs with larger ensembles such as the Concept Art Orchestra (CZ), the Gustav Brom Big Band (CZ / SK) and the Nikola Kołodziejczyk Orchestra (PL). He cooperates with many personalities from the Czech and foreign music scene such as David Dorůžka, Pavel Fajt, Petr Zelenka, Jaromír Honzák, Vladimir Václavek, Vít Křišťan, Rich Perry (USA), ngrid Jensen (CAN), Leszek Mozdzer (PL) and Dresch Mihály (HU).