Saxophonist MARCEL BÁRTA, pianist VOJTĚCH PROCHÁZKA, cellist and singer DOROTA BAROVÁ, trumpetist OSKAR TÖRÖK, double bassist RASTISLAV UHRÍK and drummer DANIEL ŠOLTIS are all progressive individualities on the Czech-Slovak music scene. For 17 years, however, they have also been meeting as VERTIGO and creating music to which there are no limits, which launches out into new directions and explores new compositional approaches, ways of interpretation and sound possibilities. Now, three years after their last album (Nononononininini, 2016), VERTIGO release their seventh album, entitled DALEKO (Far Away). With this new recording, VERTIGO have gone one step further exploring their own inventiveness, energy and ability to narrate stories through music one step further yet; in fact, viewed in the context of their work up to date, this new album does not come as a surprise precisely in the extent to which it manages to surprise again. On the present album, just as in their previous recordings, the band has made use of electronic sound as well as acoustic instruments, masterfully played by all the participating musicians. The authors of most of the music are MARCEL BÁRTA and VOJTĚCH PROCHÁZKA, but other members of the band have their compositions included as well.

The album DALEKO was recorded at the Sono Records Studio, in collaboration with the sound engineers Milan Cimf and Pavel Karlík. The cover of the booklet features motifs based on artistic work by Marcel Bárta; the author of the concept of the booklet is Jakub Spurný from the Najbrt Studio. The project has been supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the City of Prague. The album is distributed by SUPRAPHON both on CD and digitally and is also available from the e-shop on the website of ANIMAL MUSIC, both on CD and digitally.

VERTIGO is the recipient of the Anděl Award for the best jazz album of 2005 for their debut recording (“Vertigo,” on Amplión Records) and for the fourth album “Metamorphosis” (Animal Music, 2011). The albums “Vertigo Quintet & Dorota Barová” (Animal Music, 2008), “Taj” (Animal Music 2014) and „Nononononininini“ (Animal Music 2016) received nomination for the same award. All members of the band are active in many other musical formations and projects: MARCEL BÁRTA in Muff and Tomáš Hobzek Quartet); DOROTA BAROVÁ – who was awarded the Anděl Award for her solo album Iluzja – in Tara Fuki, Dorota Barová Trio, Tellemark and Aneta Langerová band; VOJTĚCH PROCHÁZKA in Bansal Band, Mikoo and Dechovka; OSKAR TÖRÖK and Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet and in duo with Beata Hlavenková; RASTISLAV UHRÍK in Lanugo, Martin Brunner Band and Sisa Feher; and DANIEL ŠOLTIS in -123 minut and MaBaSo.

The album DALEKO will be launched as part of a concert performance at the Jazz Dock club in Prague on 13 January 2020 from 7 p.m.

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Publisher – Petr Ostrouchov (Animal Music):
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Cover © Jakub Spurný (Studio Najbrt), 2019 / Photo © Dušan Tománek, 2019

  1. Craveman 7:12
  2. Baletní suita pro začátečníky a mírně pokročilé 9:42
  3. Kolysanka 6:41
  4. Apeiron 4:01
  5. Vtipálek 3:32
  6. Pod hladinou 5:00
  7. Hipsterjugend 6:48
  8. Za oblokmi 5:30
  9. Kate 6:53
  10. Daleko 5:46
  11. FVNC 4:33